These are the general rules of the forum and apply to all members.

1. Be kind to others. Any kind of rude behavior, put-downs, threats, and bullying will not be tolerated. We understand that we may not like everyone, but try and keep those emotions to yourself and respect that person.

2. Respect others' opinions. Not everyone is going to agree or disagree with you, so don't make it an issue if someone has other preferences.

3. No flame wars. We do not tolerate unnecessary flame wars caused by arguments in opinions and such. If you're going to state your opinion, do so in a respectable manner.

4. Keep swearing to a mild-level. You ARE allowed to swear on a post, but swearing after nearly every word in a single post is unacceptable. For example, this is what you shouldn't do: "Damn you and your damn opinions. You asshole. Keep your opinions to yourself."

5. Try to be literate. On this forum, we prefer that an individual have a concept of basic literacy and be able to spell, to read, to use correct grammar and punctuation. The occasional mistake is acceptable, but if you purposely choose to not be literate, than you're more likely to not be well-received on forums. For example, this is what you shouldn't do: "I lyke 2 go 2 thee mall wit ma friendzz."

6. Don't spam in other topics. If what you're posting is not relevant to the topic in the slightest, then it shouldn't be there. This should be pretty self-explanatory.

7. Don't post anything strongly sexual or explicit. This site is not for the purpose of posting inappropriate material, links, videos, art, etc.

8. Don't ask if you can be an admin or a moderator. In the future, we could possibly be looking for more additions to the moderation, however, constantly pestering the admins to be a mod or admin will most likely get you canceled out. If we're looking, we will post an application topic that one may apply in.

9. No alternating caps or colors. It's very distracting and annoying when one uses alternating lowercase and uppercase lettering, as well as alternating colors in text. However, it's acceptable to have the text in all one color. For example, this is what you shouldn't do: "hI gUyS. wHaT's Up WiTh YoU?" or "
Hi guys. What's up with you?"

10. Don't post more than 3 times in a row in a single topic. Most forums have a rule about not double-posting, which is posting twice in a row. On our forum, you cannot achieve the "edit post" option until you've reached a certain amount of posts (in which case, you otherwise would add "Edit:" to your next post). You're allowed to post multiple times in your own fanfiction or art topics, but it's not recommended in other topics. The limit would be 3 in a row, any more than that will get you in trouble.

These guidelines apply to newcomers to our forum, or people new to forums in general. If you're still confused about these guidelines, contact one of the admins or mods over PM for extra assistance. Administrators and moderators have different coloured usernames, unlike regular members whose usernames are shown in white.

1. Always introduce yourself. It's always polite to at least introduce yourself to a forum. Suddenly, posting in another topic without introducing yourself can make for awkward meetings. A simple hello and who you are is basic, but if you'd like to include a little about you, that's greatly-appreciated as well. The Introductions topic is in the Station Square Meeting Point.

2. Read before you post. I've found that this problem occurs the most in newcomers, but PLEASE read before you post. Find out what the topic is about before you post a comment. Spamming in another topic can look bad, even if it was an accident.

3. Be sure to ask for help if you need it. Don't be afraid to ask for help, especially if you're new to forums. You can contact us admins and mods via PM(Private Messaging, which is accessed from the messages section at the top). It's better to be safe than sorry.

4. Don't join and then never log on. A typical problem with forums are members who join and never participate. What's the point of joining a forum if you're not going to participate or log on?

5. Alert your absence. We understand that we have lives outside of the forum, but it's greatly appreciated if we could know about an absence in advance. There's an Absence topic in the Station Square Meeting Point, where you can tell us of your absence, when you're leaving, and when you plan to return. Abrupt absences will be excused.

6. Don't join just to spam or advertise. We've had problems with people who join and just leave a spam topic or an advertisement for another site, which is unacceptable. Members who do this will be banned, and the topics left will be locked and deleted.

This section will not be rule heavy, we only ask of our members two things:

1. Anything strongly controversial should be approved by an admin. To avoid any highly sexual material, we expect that anything questionable be approved by an admin before it is posted.

2. Find out a member's permission preferences. Before you draw or plan to use someone's character by means of fanfiction, artwork, etc, you should find out what their preferences are as far as permission to use their characters. Some require permission or credit, others don't, so just make sure.

These rules are directed at members joining in an RP(Roleplay). RPs are usually run by Renegade, the Dungeonmistress, who will have the most say in these rules and guidelines. These rules are subject to change.

1. The person who starts the RP (Dungeonmaster/Dungeonmistress) makes the decisions. His/her word dictates what happens. You can talk to him/her about what you'd like to happen, but the final decision is up to the DM.

2. No godmodding. Godmodding is when the character you're controlling is stronger than everyone else, never takes damage, and always wins. This is usually unacceptable in all RP forums.

3. Never take control of another person's character. Unless you have permission from said individual, you're not to use someone elses' character for RP purposes.

These are the consequences one may face if the rules are extensively broken by the individual. The admins get the final say in the consequences.

1. Warning. This is a simple warning. You get two warnings before facing worse punishments.

2. Temporary Ban. We are not a ban happy community and prefer to stay away from banning members, but if push comes to shove, we will, starting with a temporary ban. This ban can last from a week to a month depending on the offense.

3. Permanent Ban. Lastly, we have the dreaded permanent ban. Once you are banned, that's it. You'd have to do something pretty bad or continuously break rules to get to this point.

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